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Beeper Studies (formally known as Experiential Sampling Method) are a self-report data gathering technique developed at Elab. Participants receive a beeper and booklet. At random intervals, researchers page participants who then fill out questionnaire forms. Beeper Studies create a record of someone's experience and state of mind by recording spontaneous descriptions of activities, context, and mood over several days or weeks. Aggregated data reveals patterns of use and clues about the experience that inform design strategy and concepts.
The information design had to be simple, easy to navigate and help maintain interest over the course of the study. As people typically have to fill out 30-50 forms per study, the design couldn't annoy participants or bore them into randomly checking off things. The booklet had to be convenient, durable and desirable to carry around. It also had to be incredibly simple to produce in-house. The resulting design became the template for all subsequent Beeper Studies and a promotional tool for Elab's methods.

Featured in Fast Company, IDSA's Innovation, and the International Interior Design Association's Perspective magazine.